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Duine Jol – Women at Work Fundraising Event

Women at Work (W@W), is a charitable initiative founded by a group of inspired and determined women living in Smutsville who are on a mission to help each other and their community with housing issues. We are raising funds to obtain resources and materials to build and renovate houses in a hands-on way.

Expect a fun packed evening of fabulous pageantry, music and dance. Our local multi-disciplined fire dancer, Connor “Crimson” Derfoldy, will also be donating his time and talent for a short – not to be missed – performance on the evening!

Yes, fire hydrants, secure parking and all that jazz has been taken into consideration. 😀

Join us on Saturday 13 October at the Smutsville Community Hall for a Duine Jol!

*Modeling show “with a twist”
*Dance: DJ’s on the decks
*Djembe drumming, fire dancer and live music
*Food and snacks available
*Bring your own drinks!

Entrance fee: R30 at the door.
Alternatively, contact Donny on 061 854 9314 or Linda on 074 744 0949 for tickets.

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