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About Us

Green Zandla aka “Gee Zee” (GZ) is on a mission to connect the dots between human issues and environmental solutions. Based in Sedgefield, South Africa; GZ is a registered non-profit company dedicated to environmental regeneration, igniting eco-consciousness and empowering and uplifting the local community.

GZ was founded in 2018 by two Garden Route gals who are passionate about the natural environment and believe that we, as a society, can do better for people and the planet.

“Zandla” is the Zulu and Xhosa word for hands; and giving a green hand is exactly what we aim to do! By partnering with people and organisations, GZ works to alleviate problems through creative eco-minded projects.

Vision: A world were communities thrive and live in harmony with Mother Nature.

Mission: Give a green hand to empower communities to uplift themselves and uncover prosperity through ecocentric solutions and to take proactive environmental action.

You can help us turn the township housing crisis into low cost green living spaces, to trade impoverishment and hunger for community driven food gardens, empower people to turn trash into treasure – and take action for the planet through reforestation initiatives! How to get involved.

Plant a tree for the future with Precious Tree Project

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